• Eight female artists transform the neighborhoods of Proslav and Trakiya

     July 4, 2019

    Eight female artists from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, and Romania created special art interventions in Plovdiv’s neighborhoods of Proslav and Trakiya that rethink public spaces based on a survey filled out by inhabitants of these two neighborhoods. These site-specific interventions... [Read More]

  • WOMEN OF VISION – Simone Gilges

     July 3, 2019

    WOMEN OF VISION by Simone Gilges (Germany) tackles the lack of representation of womеn in public heritage, for example in terms of monuments or sculptures of historical female figures, which is a fact. This tendency isn’t just a local problem, but indeed an issue rooted bey... [Read More]

  • ТHE LIGHTS OF THE CITY by Stela Vasileva

     July 2, 2019

    The play with colors and light as the primary mean of expression in Stela Vasileva’s project provides a possible way to overturn our perceptions of shape, color, and rhythm of reflections. The transformation of the passage in Proslav, with the help of LED lighting, aims at ... [Read More]

  • DIRECT EXPOSURE by Olivia Mihăltianu

     July 1, 2019

    DIRECT EXPOSURE by Olivia Mihăltianu (Romania) is a series of events in which the artist is taking direct photos for the public using an old technique – direct photography on paper with the help of a mobile photo lab installed on various sites. The project aims to bring the... [Read More]

  • PASSAGE by Ina Valentinova

     June 30, 2019

    Here is what the artist Ina Valentinova says about her art intervention PASSAGE: “I lower my head and pass quickly by, avoiding the repetitiveness of the concrete panels. I do not like the long gray walls, they interrupt my path, they cut it. The concrete bulk of Proslav’s train ... [Read More]

  • PLAY 2.0 by Iliyana Kancheva

     June 29, 2019

    PLAY 2.0 by Iliyana Kancheva is a remake of Lyubomir Dalchev’s emblematic sculpture “Play” from the year 1961, but with reversed meaning. Instead of invoking a feeling of momentum and vitality as the original sculpture, PLAY 2.0 is a mere silhouette placed among the panel apartme... [Read More]

  • URBAN INTERVENTIONS by Vasilena Gankovska

     June 28, 2019

    Vasilena Gankovska‘s project URBAN INTERVENTIONS tackles the problem of the city surroundings, which very often contain graffiti or tags with offending, sexist or racist connotations, which could unlock different negative experiences, feelings of insecurity and even a sense of im... [Read More]

  • AQUA NON-POTABILE by Valentina Sciarra

     June 27, 2019

    Valentina Sciarra is born in Rome, Italy in 1983. After a Master Degree in Law and many specialized courses in photography, she obtained her diploma in 2013 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome with a thesis on “Les espaces en friches ‘in the urban space’”, written during a study ... [Read More]

  • PAVEMENT FRAGMENTS by Albena Baeva

     June 26, 2019

    In the next few days, we will present the female artists that will create their art projects as a part of the last stage of  “Sense of a City: an inclusive, safe and sustainable Plovdiv” project. However, we will just hint what they are planning to design.  If you wis... [Read More]

  • Transformation: Plovdiv, my small Paris (Bucharest, Rome, Berlin)

     June 24, 2019

    Albena Baeva, Stela Vasileva, Ina Valentinova, Vasilena Gankovska, Simone Gilges (Germany), Iliyana Kancheva, Olivia Mihăltianu (Romania), Valentina Sciarra (Italy) The art interventions in the urban environment of two of Plovdiv’s neighborhoods form the cornerstone of Bulgarian ... [Read More]


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