Art in the neighborhood or transforming the street we live in

Transformation is the last and most innovative phase of the project. In the autumn of 2018, 5 Bulgarian and 3 international artists, with concepts for intervention in the urban environment, will be selected and invited to participate. They will implement their ideas for transforming urban spaces based on the analysis of the results of the walks and by choosing the sites for art installations, based on the real recommendations and the identified needs of the citizens. The purpose of the concepts is to contribute to the improvement of the urban environment. On the other hand, local audiences in every neighborhood will be exposed to the aesthetic of the so-called site-specific art installations.

High artistic value, innovative and creative solutions for social inclusion of vulnerable groups are among the main criteria. The women-artists point of view will be sought as well as a special emphasis on digital transformation of the spaces.

The Fridge Association, represented by Ivana Nencheva and Nataliya Todorova, who are among the prominent contemporary Bulgarian artists, will be in charge of the artist’s selection.

The artistic interventions will take place during the summer of 2019 in both neighborhoods simultaneously.

Planning and designing safe public spaces requires increased sensitivity on the physical and social characteristics of the space – meaning it has the potential to either deepen the gender inequalities or to create conditions for achieving equality. The project offers a breakthrough thinking and increasing the sensitivity through integrating the art in creating sustainable and secured cities for all citizens. Art can be interpreted as a tool of empowerment, therapy for vulnerable citizens, as a method of treatment, a form of consultation and / or form of communication of the results, and as  acreative way of presenting the positive results.

Art is a powerful instrument for expression, communication, education, transformation, modeling culture (both popular and traditional), illustrating the invisible and creating conditions for a sustainable and secure urban space. The artistic interventions can serve as a catalyst for attracting support from other potential stakeholders and partners. We finally believe that art can lead to positive transformative changes in the people’s attitudes and behavior.


Photo Credit: © 2018 Milen Neykov


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